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Which Social Media Icons Should You Showcase On Your Company Website?

Remember the time when only a handful of social media channels existed, and we proudly displayed every one of them on our website? Well, times have changed. In the ever-evolving world of social media, the landscape has expanded far beyond the few platforms that once dominated the scene. As a result, the decision of which social media icons to include on your website has become more nuanced and strategic. Gone are the days of simply adding every icon available "just in case." So, how do you decide which social media platforms should grace your website?

Generating Backlinks 101

While you may have accounts on various social media platforms for the purpose of generating backlinks to your website, not all of them need to get the honour of being showcased prominently on your website. Remember, we want to generate links to your website while limiting exit links to a selected few. When adding social media channels to your website, you bid farewell to your readers and wish them fun times elsewhere. Reserve the prime real estate on your website for the platforms that matter most.

Setting Objectives

Your goal is to build a community. When deciding which social media icons to include, focus on the platforms where your target audience congregates and where building a community is essential for your business. These are the spaces that hold value for your brand and deserve an exceptional exit link from your webpage.

Focus & Control

When you include all social media channel icons on your website, you dilute your efforts and effects instead of guiding all your potential customers toward the hub where you'd like to build your community and engage with them.

As you are musing about this question, remember that quality often trumps quantity. Strategically choose the platforms that align with your objectives, where your audience is most active, and where community building is a priority. Your website is your digital hub, and the social media icons you include should reflect your commitment to fostering meaningful connections and providing value to your audience. It's time to curate your social media presence thoughtfully, one strategic icon at a time.


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