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12 Strategies to Encourage Google Reviews from Customers

Online reviews can make or break a business. Positive Google reviews can build trust, attract new customers, and boost your brand's reputation. They are like virtual word-of-mouth recommendations that can significantly impact your bottom line. Most businesses get caught up in providing products and services, often missing out on opportunities to gather positive reviews. Typically, only dissatisfied customers make their way to your review page, which is unfortunate for your business. Take a moment to consider all your interactions with customers involving sales, products, tech support, and marketing departments. The objective is to identify all potential touchpoints where you can seamlessly integrate a 'please leave a review' message. Here are some ideas to kickstart your efforts:

  1. Purchase Follow-Up: Send a follow-up email a few days after every purchase and service, kindly requesting customers to share their experience with a Google review.

  2. Marketing Automation: If you utilize a marketing automation tool like HubSpot, which we hope you do, review your automation and integrate the review request message wherever it makes sense.

  3. Order Confirmation Page: Redirect customers to a confirmation page that includes a review link after a successful online purchase, asking them to rate their experience.

  4. Invoice Footer: Include a brief message and review link in the footer of your invoices, encouraging customers to share feedback on Google.

  5. Customer Surveys: Incorporate a review link in customer satisfaction surveys or feedback forms.

  6. QR Codes: Most customers won't go through the hassle of opening their laptops and navigating to your website just to leave a review after making a purchase. To simplify the process, think about featuring QR codes prominently at your physical store's checkout counter or on receipts. This way, customers can effortlessly leave reviews by scanning the code with their smartphones right on the spot.

  7. Newsletter: Remind your loyal customers and newsletter subscribers about Google reviews.

  8. Email Signature: Add a brief message and review link to your email signature, turning every email you send into an opportunity.

  9. Website Pop-Up: Implement a website pop-up that appears after a customer spends some time on your site, inviting them to leave a review with one click.

  10. Loyalty Program: Reward loyal customers with points or discounts in exchange for Google reviews, and include the review link in your loyalty program communications.

  11. In-Person Interactions: Train your team members to ask for reviews during face-to-face interactions and provide them with a printed card containing a QR code linked to the review page.

  12. Packaging Inserts: Consider adding a small card or flyer inside your product packaging that includes a message and a QR code for customers to leave reviews. To make it more engaging and unique, try coming up with a creative idea that encourages customers to take photos of it and tag your brand in their social media posts as a way of saying thank you.

These strategies cover a range of touchpoints in your customer journey, both online and offline, to increase the likelihood of gathering Google reviews. Customize your messaging to align with the context of each interaction and deliver value to your customers. You need not worry about being overly persistent; you are not bombarding your customers with extra communication but seamlessly integrating this message naturally into the post-purchase communication flow. By actively seeking their feedback, you demonstrate your commitment to enhancing their experience and continuously improving your offerings. Need more ideas? Download the complete list with an additional 12 ideas.





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