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Achieving Extraordinary Results: Mastering Public Relations on a Shoestring Budget

In the fast-paced arena of business, where budgets often dictate the narrative, I've observed a prevailing trend—marketing taking precedence over public relations, sometimes leading to its outright dismissal as an expensive and unnecessary endeavour.

Allow me to share a compelling example below, highlighting the cost-effectiveness and boundless potential of a strategic public relations campaign.

The Challenge

A Tbilisi-based bread producer, Ipkli, faced a common but significant hurdle—consumer skepticism regarding the healthiness of their bread and its ingredients. Armed with determination and a limited budget, I embraced the challenge not only to address this concern but to turn it into an opportunity, aiming to position the company as an industry leader.

The Insight

Understanding the consumer mindset was crucial. A survey unveiled a prevailing misconception—associating natural bread with darker shades, assuming it lacked colourants. This perception gap became the nucleus of our campaign.

The Strategy & Tactics

Educating the audience took center stage:

Rather than focusing on the company, which no media channel would spotlight for free, we crafted the "Healthy Bread" awareness campaign, concentrating on enlightening consumers about bread ingredients.

Multi-Platform Engagement:

Utilizing various channels, we engaged audiences on social media daily for a month. Collaborating with the production team, we created informative videos detailing the bread-making process.

Survey Insights:

To bolster the campaign's credibility, we conducted pre and post-campaign surveys, capturing valuable insights on consumer knowledge and perceptions.

The Unexpected Twist

At the end of the campaign, we evaluated our results. They revealed that despite all our efforts, over 50% of the population still couldn't visually distinguish natural bread from coloured ones. Rather than viewing this as a failure, we recognized an opportunity to amplify the impact.

Turning Weakness into Strength

Instead of concealing our campaign results, we crafted a press release with a captivating headline—over 50% of the population could not identify naturally coloured bread.

Media Buzz and National Spotlight

The press release became a media magnet. News channels sought interviews, catapulting the company into the national spotlight. A 30-minute slot on a national TV channel allowed the company to address millions, turning a perceived challenge into an opportunity for nationwide recognition. Ipkli emerged as a leader in championing healthy bread production.

The Takeaway

Our innovative approach not only shifted consumer perception but positioned Ipkli as a front-runner in healthy bread production. This transformative PR campaign, executed on a budget of under $500, showcases the power of strategic thinking, media relations, and the ability to turn challenges into triumphs.

At Bold Move Marketing, we always begin with assessing your current circumstances, and then, we create integrated strategic plans tailored to your business. No one-size-fits-all solutions—just bold moves that drive results.

Stay tuned for more transformative tales from Bold Move Marketing, or reach out to us and be the hero of our next story.





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Image by Rahul Chakraborty


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