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Marketing agency founder Khatia Karolina Odzelashvili has a bold vision for Ottawa businesses

Bold Move Marketing has big ideas for your business

What’s the greatest thing that could happen to your company?

That’s the first question Khatia Karolina Odzelashvili, founder and president of Bold Move Marketing, asks every client.

“Many companies make the mistake of being modest when developing marketing ideas. Aiming for low-key activities won’t accomplish much in the short or long term. You need to create stories that will impress and inspire people today, tomorrow, and in the years to come,” said Odzelashvili. “It’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about maximizing the ROI of your marketing.”

Being bold means welcoming challenges and transformation

Being bold, adapting to change, doing more with less, these traits are second nature to Odzelashvili, which she credits to growing up in Georgia, a country that had to reinvent itself after the fall of the Soviet Union.

“Being bold means stepping into the unknown, welcoming challenges and transformation,” said Odzelashvili.

Reinventing herself after immigrating to Canada in 2007 was not easy. As a German-trained lawyer, she had to rethink her career and found her feet in the beginning in the non-profit sector. That’s where she discovered her love of marketing and communications, which led her to enroll in Algonquin College’s PR program. She graduated on the dean’s honour list in 2014.

After college, she took her newfound knowledge and experience back to Georgia. Success came quickly and she was soon running the marketing department at a big corporation.

But it didn’t take long for her to start thinking about taking a more significant step. “Once I got into a routine, I realized I could handle a few more companies. Within a year, I had a few clients with ongoing contracts,” said Odzelashvili. It was a bold move, and it paid off.

How Khatia brings the bold

After finding success at home, which included lecturing at two universities, Odzelashvili decided it was time to go back to “the source of her growth” — Canada. “I gave all that I could, so to grow I needed to return to my new home and develop myself further,” she said.

Soon after returning in 2018, Odzelashvili founded her own marketing and advertising agency: Bold Move Marketing. Along with her team of trusted freelancers, Bold Move works with small or medium sized businesses — both B2B and B2C — to develop unique branding and implementation strategies that pack a punch.

“When I see a company thinking it’s impossible or too daunting to change their brand or marketing, it makes me want to jump in and help,” she said.

The Bold Move Marketing method

Every strategy is custom-designed for how a client operates, and the Bold Move team prides itself on finding the most efficient and effective marketing opportunities.

“We like to be a little daring,” says Odzelashvili. “Don’t limit yourself to what everyone else is doing. To change your outcomes, you must evolve.”

After conducting copious research into a client’s goals, her team looks at the data to inform their strategy and plan their next step.

“I’m very data-driven,” she adds. “The data tells a story and gives me confidence to talk about the solutions I’m offering.”

As a business owner herself, Odzelashvili knows how to connect with other business owners in the community, what matters to them (ROI) and understands the challenges they face when branding and communicating their message. When working with Bold Move Marketing, you can be sure the team will never settle for second best.

“I always make sure the strategy I give my clients is a game changer,” said Odzelashvili. “My aim is not just to help, but to help companies reinvent how they market themselves.”

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