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10 common branding mistakes that hurt your business

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Branding is a magical tool companies use to attract their ideal customers, charge appropriately for their services and manage their image. But how would you know if your brand is actually hurting your business? If it’s the reason your company hasn’t experienced growth last year and is losing clients to your competitors?

Often, branding problems are in the business owner’s blind spot, leaving them unaware of the consequences. Working with trusted professionals who can assess your current brand and make recommendations on how to improve your marketing can help your business find success.

Here are 10 common branding mistakes companies make and how to avoid them in your own business:

1. Resembling a competitor

Many companies try to copy a brand they perceive as ideal. Oftentimes, this brand belongs to a competitor or a company with established success. While it can be helpful to know what other brands are out there, you want your brand to stand out and be memorable – not a carbon copy of someone else's.

2. Lack of concept

I’ve seen many beautiful logos during my time working in the marketing sector, and often hear the same remark: “It’s wonderful, isn’t it?” and I must agree, it is. However, we have to ask a question – why? Why that colour, font, design? The brand we adopt has to say something and have a meaning that gives a company more depth. Great brands spark a conversation and inspire.

3. Ignoring basic visual requirements

There are a few visual requirements to consider when creating a brand: simplicity, memorability, structural soundness and visibility. Trying to incorporate too many things into the logo can complicate it. If a child can remember your logo and draw it, you are on the right track.

4. Forgetting about emotions

We create a brand not just for recognition, but because we want to evoke certain emotions. Nike wants to inspire you – Just do it. At Bold Move Marketing, we want to encourage you to make bold moves that will make an impact. What’s the emotion your business needs to evoke? How does your company want to make others feel?

5. Being inconsistent

Branding helps identify companies and remain memorable to customers. When a company is inconsistent with its branding, it makes the process difficult for potential clients. Having a brand and sticking to it creates trust with your audience.

6. Not considering long-term goals

When creating a brand, companies need to consider their long-term goals. Will you want to introduce new products and services, expand to different locations, sell your business or target a new segment of potential customers? Asking these questions early in the process will help you avoid changes down the road and losing out on customer awareness.

7. Overriding or skipping expert suggestions

Participating in the brand design and asking questions is a part of the creation process. However, if you feel you need to override your designer’s suggestions, you’re not working with the right team. Find someone you can trust who understands your vision. Making a mistake in the brand development process can cost a lot, so rely on the experts.

8. Playing it safe

Oftentimes, our instinct is to just blend in with the crowd and remain safe, however the purpose of branding is to stand out. Therefore, think outside the box and come up with a unique idea that represents your company. Be daring.

9. Not knowing your brand essence

It can often take time for companies to fully determine the essence of their brand. Sometimes your idea isn’t ripe yet because you’re not ready. Prematurely choosing an ill-defined or random concept won’t lead to success. When I created my first agency in 2016, I still had to discover my brand essence through my experiences: strategic, bold, and daring. Bold Move Marketing was built from those ideas.

10. Having no brand

Finally, a common branding mistake is to have no brand at all. Think about how much time and resources you invest in your business. For many owners, their company is their life. Without a brand, your marketing efforts go nowhere and your customers won’t be able to create a lasting connection with your business.

If you are unsure how effective your brand is, we can evaluate your brand, identify its strengths and weaknesses and provide you with our recommendations going forward. At Bold Move Marketing, we create impactful brands that resonate with your target audience.





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